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Monday, 5 June 2017

End of season review: SWPL 2016-17

A 'Where's The Tea Hut' end of season review

The South West Peninsula League 2016-17

A neutral listing of the best and worse I witnessed in the SWPL

I'm not spending ages going on and on about who won what and all that came with it, if you watch South West Peninsula League Football you'll know who got what. Here's the brief list of the winners:

DIV 1 EAST     1st                              STOKE GABRIEL

I've really enjoyed a season full of football down here in the South West. Some of it was good, some bad and some of it was indisputably ugly, regardless of what you got, it all (somehow) ended up in the entertaining category. Never has a 5 quid admission charge been better spent.

I'm still coming to terms with the rivalry and history of the SWPL and the cash restrictions which affect who plays for who and what standard your ground is, some clubs seem to fair better than others in this respect but everybody to a man gives it everything they've got, this extends beyond players and management staff, the volunteers who make this league what it is are a credit to football and their respective communities, a thank you to all of them (well nearly all of them, I did have that rather unfortunate incident at St Blazey). 

Anyway that's enough waffle, lets get on with my personal choices of who deserves what. Where deserved a few worst choices have been added as well.

*Please note that the choices are made on what I have witnessed, I didn't visit every club in just the one season, my apology if more deserving clubs have been omitted (whether good or bad).

Total SWPL games seen during the season = 35

The winners and losers (from a strictly neutral perspective)

Best Programme: Bodmin Town

Worst Programme: Tavistock

Best Tea Hut: Torpoint Athletic

Best Ground: Falmouth Town

Friendliest Ground (staff wise): St Austell

Unfriendliest Ground: St Blazey

Weirdest Stand: Godolphin Atlantic

Most Charismatic Enclosure: Elburton Villa

Best Pitch: Camelford

Worst Pitch: Launceston

Best Match: Tavistock 2 St Austell 0 SWPL Premier January 28th

Worst Match: Dobwalls 0 Liskeard Athletic 1 Division 1 West Good Friday

Most Entertaining Side: Bodmin Town

Unluckiest Side: Saltash United

Underachievers: Plymouth Parkway

Best Manager: Stuart Henderson (Tavistock)

Best Players 1 to 3 in order of merit:
1. Dan Sullivan (Bodmin Town)
2. Glyn Hobbs (Tavistock)
3. Martin Giles (St Austell)

Best Kit: Plymouth Parkway

Best Club on the Web: Bodmin Town

Best Support: (based on home and away): St Austell

Biggest Divers & Flop Merchants: St Austell

Biggest Moaners: Saltash United

Best Car Park: Bodmin Town

Worst Car Park: Saltash United

Next Seasons Favourites for the League: Plymouth Parkway

Worst Aspect of the the last Season: 
1. Teams who don't show up at short notice
2. The League allowing venue switching for daft reasons
3. The rain (but then again I did choose to move here)

Was it all worth it: Yes, definitely

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