Uwdi Krugg will be driving the trusty Match Shed to a selection of previously unseen grounds during the 2018-19 season. The accompanying rucksack will include the camera, flask, sandwich box, a pork pie and some crisps. Should be epic.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Summer Update

"He's probably sat at home in front of the fire"

Last season was a strange one.

My usual agenda of watching non league at local level never got going really. This was mainly down to the awful levels of rain which pretty much decimated the fixture lists down here in the South West.

I ended up following an under achieving Championship side. This resulted in me catching the odd game when I could afford the ticket and find the time to make the arduous 450 mile round trip (I'd had an interest in them since childhood).

I still put the odd non league related post on the Tea Hut site, these eventually ended up as mainly just photo's from various grass roots level grounds which was down to the fact that almost every weekend witnessed ongoing floods of waterlogged pitches. Postponements pretty much took over the season at non league level.

Anyway, that's in the past and next season will witness me starting out on a new objective to visit plenty of grounds that I've not been to before. There are still quite a few in the South West Peninsula League plus some not too far away in the Western League and the Southern League. I shall hope to add odd trips to some of the lower level local leagues as well. There might also be a few League grounds chucked in too, if I can afford to get in that is.

"Ten quid to watch this crap"?
I just hope the winter isn't as wet as last time around. At the moment I'm looking forward to getting the 'Where's The Tea Hut' site back in action for the beginning of the 2018/19 season. Be great if you check out the odd report from time to time.

Here's to Pies, Programmes and Pints....

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Liskeard Athletic

Which league are they in:
South West Peninsula League Division One West

Ground Name:

Lux Park

Post Code:

PL14 3HZ

Club Colours:

Home, all blue. Away, it's all yellow

Is the Ground worth a visit:

Lux Park is one of the more prominent football stadiums down in Cornwall. Its well maintained and the stadium often takes centre stage for a big Semi Final or showcase event, the facilities make it a great place for a Cup Final.

Lux Park borders a leisure centre at the town centre end of the ground, this gives a slightly bland aspect which is not in keeping with the rest of the stadium, this is soon countered by a fantastic big tea hut which offers economical tasty pasties and nice cups of tea, you can sit down in the place have a rest and then take in all the sporting memorabilia and photographs of club history which adorn the walls, lovely place.

There then follows a covered terrace to keep you out of the incessant Cornwall rain, essential bearing in mind the awful weather this area has had recently.

The eastern end of the ground rests adjacent to the road for St Cleer and Launceston, you can still get around the pitch and watch the match from here if you like. If you dont want to park in the large (but busy) car park at the leisure centre end you can usually get the car parked up on the road, there is an extra turnstile at this end for easy access.

The school field side of Lux Park houses the Main Stand with it's few rows of bench seating. It's set nearer to the road than the halfway line. The rest of the school side touchline has recently seen hard standing improvements with new concrete being laid. This is a rewarding quiet spot to watch the game from, mind you, don't be surprised if you have to fag the ball when its hoofed out by the opposition centre half.

Are the Liskeard side any good:

Liskeard Athletic are fighting back after treading water on the murky side of the pond for a few years. The young side are up the top end of the table this season pushing for promotion and have a deserved reputation for playing fast entertaining football.    


Liskeard is an ideally placed market town in South East Cornwall. Its on the mainline Penzance to London railway with the Ocean City of Plymouth only about 20 miles away. The fast moving A38 goes bang alongside the town and there are airports 30 odd miles away at Newquay or Exeter International 65 miles. 

The town has the 3rd busiest Morrisons Supermarket in the country, it has a massive catchment area with only an Aldi as local competition, its absolutely rocking believe me, they even have security at the entrance, this was brought in following the recent snow storms which resulted in both bread and milk shortages, the rucks between rival gangs of pensioner in the bread aisle were a disgrace and the older generation should know better, it was carnage. The success of the Supermarket has unfortunately hit the shops in the quaint charismatic town centre, there isn't much going on these days and trading is difficult, there just aren't the punters anymore (they're all at Morrisons). Most folk just use the town for the Doctors, Dentist or the Bank. Sad but it's a sign of the times.

Grub and Ale:

Grub wise, if you can't wait for getting something at the tea hut at the ground your options are slightly limited. Liskeard is getting a Wetherspoons in May but until then the food offerings are decidedly average. There are a few basic boozers, coffee shop cafes and some pricey bakery shops in the town centre which you could try, recently the town got a Dominoes Pizza joint which was front page news for a while, apparently most locals still prefer The Best Kebabs outlet across the road. There is a Premier Inn with a small bar near the A38 roundabout but it's pretty much a microwave and oven chip joint to be honest, the Trip Adviser reviews leave a lot to be desired. There is a good Indian but that won't be open unless you go along for a night match. Best bet is to hit Morrisons and get a freshly baked bag of 4 big sized sausage rolls for £2 quid, when you get them still warm they're absolutely delightful. Watch out for the Pensioners, especially the ones in the Peaky Blinders caps.

Friday, 16 March 2018

FA Cup Weekend

A selection of goodies from my FA Cup collection

Friday, 9 March 2018


Many say its the most scenic fishing village in Cornwall. When the sun hits the valley its possibly the most picturesque in Europe. Of course that's when it's not raining, which isn't very often down Cornwall way.

The coastal path around these parts is gorgeous if not a little strenuous, you'll need proper walking boots and plenty of water.

A slight drawback for postcard Polperro is the lack of choice to park your vehicle, unless you pay the extortionate fee at the one and only car park at the top of the village you don't get to visit. The money grabbers even keep up the high car parking rate during the winter, sadly this turns the dodgy months into a vacant lot of empty second home cottages and out of season self catering houses, mostly without a soul in sight, there isn't a lot open from November to Easter apart from a couple of pub grub establishments and a decent enough bakery.

Anyway enough about nice views and cash extracting parking penalties this is supposed to be a site about South West football venues so I'd better get on with it.

Polperro FC play at Killigarth, a mostly holiday chalet based area at the top of the extremely steep hill heading to the East. You could say Polperro is located about halfway between Polruan (which is just over the water from Fowey) and Looe. Rame Head rests eastbound with Plymouth hidden beyond it.

At the time of writing this entry Polperro were 5th in the ECPL Premier Division, which is quite a good standing for this level of local football in the area. Club colours are green shirts, black shorts and black socks. Green seems ever popular down these parts, wonder if it's the Plymouth Argyle connection?

Approaching along the main road from Looe take the small Killigarth signposted road on the left, it's just a few bends after spotting the Pelynt FC ground on your right and the petrol station just a bit further along. Once past the houses and the holiday accommodation turnings the ground is found by an old metal gate on your right. It's easy to miss so watch out for it.

As expected at this level of football the ground has little in the way of structure, certainly no stands or the like. They do however have a rather nice looking clubhouse building just behind the goals at the holiday complex end. I did find that the pitch has a few undulations with the goal posts at one end definitely sloping towards the sea.

Looks like part of the buildings at the far corner of the ground have become redundant at some stage, not sure if they still provide a ground-staff service or not? Think they were the old changing rooms in the past. Recently heard the club want to refurbish this section and possibly return the building to a changing facility? This would assist in freeing up the nice little clubhouse at the other end of the ground for other ventures. Any potential sponsors should contact the club, I am sure Polperro FC will be pleased to speak to people that may be able to help out.

There is a degree of pitch perimeter advertising boarding with the rest of the playing area roped off accordingly. Looks a nice little place to watch some football.

Under the thumb groundhoppers could easily offload a nagging wife here for a few hours (early or late season would be best). Best offloading spot is down at the entrance to Polperro car park then you can zoom back up to the ground, this leaves Boss Hog to do the rounds at the fudge shops and gift boutiques, job sorted, you get to see a match and she gets a new jumper to politely compliment the new fingers of fudge she's just acquired. Only a joke ladies, I know how delicate things have got lately. No disrespect intended. What would we do without you.


Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Padstow United

Padstow is an extremely popular tourist trap on the North Cornwall coast.

It's hammered.

Pubs and food outlets don't need to try very hard to snare the passing trade here.

Rick Stein seems to own three quarters of the surrounding area with gift shops, delicatessens, restaurants, a pub, hotels and even a mega expensive chippy. Some of the locals have taken to renaming the place 'Padstein'. 

There always seems a willing queue of visitors eagerly waiting to pay well over the odds down the busy streets surrounding the harbour and quayside. Rick has started a trend that has witnessed countless lesser known pretenders staking a claim for some of the tourist related income. There's big money to be made.

20 years ago Padstow was a charming charismatic place with a great atmosphere, now you're just swamped by the gross commercialism and cheesy claustrophobic crowds slogging around the hard sell gift outlets and the ridiculously priced eateries. 

2 hours on my parking ticket gave me far more time than I needed, something I'd never have said when I often came here years ago.

What better reason to escape the mass marketing and dried up pasties than getting some fresh air just outside the town at nearby Jury Park the home of Padstow United. Cornwall football by the coast, what could be better.

The Green Army (as Padstow market themselves at the ground) play in Division 1 of the East Cornwall League. Not to be confused with the slightly larger Green Army over at Home Park, Plymouth Argyle.

Jury Park is an open plan ground with some nice views over the fields but to be honest not a lot else. 

There are changing rooms, dug outs and what could even be a tea hut but you won't find any stands at the location.

Still makes a welcome break from the tourist packed streets around Padstow Harbour though. I know where I'd sooner spend a quiet afternoon. 

Friday, 23 February 2018


Lanreath, which is pronounced 'Lanreth' is a smart charismatic little village around 6 or 7 miles from the popular seaside port of Looe.

It looks a quite place to be honest, most of the action seems to circulate around the village shop, lets just say it's not exactly buzzing.

The football team trot out at Rally Park and play in Division One of the East Cornwall Premier League (bit confusing title that isn't it). Shall we just stick with ECPL D1.

Rally Park houses a rather large looking Sports Bar and extensive car park which advertises free 'flop on the floor' Satellite TV football channels we normally have to pay for back at home. Its a rather imposing building actually as it looms over the adjacent football pitch, it lurks in the background like some unwelcome intruder from outer space. It's probably very friendly and homely inside with not a Martian in sight. 

The ground is pretty much open plan and I can imagine it's a cruelly exposed location when the rain pours in from the Atlantic. 

It's neat and well kept with advertising around the pitch perimeter and has a couple of nicely weathered dug outs to compliment the facilities.

The jewel in the crown is 'The Kippax' covered terrace which nestles between the aforementioned dug outs. It's tiny and I can imagine it gets packed with freezing cold substitutes during the game as they seek 'Shelter from the Storm' (slight Bob Dylan plug there, sorry). Get here early if it's dodgy weather, viewing spots out of the hailstones will be at a premium.

Can't really recommend anything grub wise in the area, perhaps the Sports Bar do stuff? To avoid disappointment best rustle up three or four sandwiches from home just in case. Piece of cake would be nice too.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Launceston Grub Hunters

Tension mounts at the Tea Hut window, this blokes buying all sorts!

Launceston FC

South West Peninsula League


Launceston play in the Premier Division over at the neat and tidy Pennygillam ground. Its got a bar, hot drinks, hot food and a seated main stand.

Like most grounds in the South West the pitch can start to suffer midway through the season but that's down to the wet weather rather than a lack of attention from the ground staff.

There are two main roads into Cornwall, the A38 which takes you over the Tamar Bridge at Plymouth or the A30 which slogs up and down the rollercoaster past Okehampton. On this A30 route Launceston is the first town you meet over the Cornwall border.

The town has got a Castle, a Tesco's and a narrow gauge Steam Railway.

It also sports one of the best fish and chip shops for miles around, the much under publicised 'Francines'. Get the Cod & Chips, you'll be full for a week.

Thursday, 15 February 2018


Pelynt FC are located just off the main road from Looe to Polperro. 

Its very much holiday maker country down in South East Cornwall, when it's not raining that is, which unfortunately seems to occur very often. I'd go home early too if it had p*ssed it down all week (but that's another story best kept separate for now), I've been living down here 3 years and there's hardly been a dry day yet, I kid you not, check out the postponements to Cornwall based non league games this season and you will be amazed at the call off rates, all due to waterlogged pitches, or should I say pop-up ponds?

Getting back on track with Pelynt, the club play in Division One of the Duchy League and the homely little ground is a well kept picture of delight. Hopefully the snaps at the end of this introduction shine a little light on this treat.

Its a lovely setting (despite the nearby road) nestling amongst wooded countryside as it sweeps downwards towards Talland Bay and the sea. You are a short walk from the waves here, its that good. Hence the expansive caravan site on it's doorstep with a mobile fish and chip shop 5pm every night. 

There is not a lot grub wise in shooting distance otherwise. You can pay the sky high car parking charge in Polperro and sample their few pub grub pubs or delve along to Looe for overpriced sadly hit and miss food but genuine quality value for money tucker is hard to find in these parts. There is a pub doing food in Pelynt village which is quite a way back up the road from the ground (certainly not walking distance) think it's called The Jubilee Inn but I have yet to try it, hopefully it will compliment a nice day out to the football ground. There is also a really good cafe down on the waterfront at Talland Bay but I suspect this may not always be open during the winter season, best check beforehand, just google Talland Bay Cafe to check.

Anyway, getting over the minor gripes about Cornwall weather, ridiculous Polperro parking charges and dodgy dinners it's time to let you take a look at this basic but very scenic little non league ground, a credit to everyone at Pelynt FC who keeps this gem so spick and span.