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Sunday, 30 August 2009


Saturday 29th August 2009
Blue Square Conference North
Droylsden 2 Fleetwood Town 0
Attendance: 449
Admission: £10 (Includes entrance to the seats)
Programme: £2 (Lots of pages but plenty of adverts)
Tea hut purchases: Tea 50p, Meat & Potato Pie (Peters) £1.50p
Weather: Kept dry but it was breezy and cool
Parking: Roadside, a couple of streets away, easy getaway
They came in from the coast, by car, by train and on an old well worn coach. You could hear them singing above their pints and you could spot them al fresco dining a-la 2.99 menu. Fleetwood Town had arrived in downtown Droylsden for the Conference North match of the day, it was 3rd against 4th. Expectations were high and passions seemed fully fuelled. The gate men waited for the late rush on the turnstiles and the programme seller re-checked his change, it looked like a scene from the 3.10 to Yuma. Both these respected sides have reputations for open, decent football and it wasn't long before Fleetwood got a bit too open and Droylsden bagged two decent goals. It was evident that Fleetwood had left their magic boots somewhere on the M55. Amidst rival chanting from small opposing choirs the afternoon settled down, Droylsden looked the part of smug hosts with a nice little lead, their prim pass and hold routines stifled the bubbling and vaporous Fleetwood attempts to claw back the match. This cancelling out process continued to run its course for the remainder of the match, obviously it suited Droylsden whilst more and more panic frequented Fleetwoods approach play, all of which muffled the high brow eloquent opera of classic football most of the crowd had been clearly hoping for. Come quarter to five it was a treasured scalp for the home side as their boisterous faithful loudly proclaimed throughout the aisles of the nearby shops. Droylsden had worked hard for the reward as had the young girls in the exceedingly busy tea hut, they must have taken a pretty penny, no wonder the serving staff looked fed up as they relentlessly jousted with the rampant hordes of scoff hungry supporters, I have to say my purchases left a lot to be desired, my 50p tea resembled a plastic egg cup in size and it gave me 2 quick slugs before deletion, I should have not been such a greedy sod with my pie purchase either, why didn't I heed the sight of previous punters returning dodgy pies to the girls instead of just carrying on regardless. When I took a bite of my meat and potato pie it was still pretty much cold. That kind of service was really not on.


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