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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Stafford Rangers

Saturday 15th August 2009

Conference North
Stafford Rangers 2 Workington 0

Attendance: 452
Admission: £11 standing
Programme: £2
Tea-hut purchase: Tea 70p
Weather: Mainly sunny with the odd cloudy spell
Parking: Roadside, 200 yards away, easy getaway

Got in the ground around 2pm and took some pictures. Nice and tidy set up although the terracing was a little shallow.

Absolutely awful match. The Englebert Humperdink song 'Please Release Me Let Me Go' kept playing in my head as yet another hoof sent the ball towards the heavens. The second half of this desperately poor game had already given me terrible neck ache.Stafford were all huffing, puffing and hoofing, whilst Workington took an impressive lead in my worst team of the year competition (and boy, they will take some beating). Having to pay 11 quid to sample this dross was really not on. It would appear that admission charges in the Conference North are beginning to greatly exceed the value for money factor.

The tea-hut was a whirl of activity with sizzling, continuous clanging and lots of greasy smells. What was puzzling was the fact that this happened irrespective of any customers. My hot drink came courtesy of a 5 second dip of the tea bag before it was quickly 'slung-shot' to the waste bin, why the lady didn't leave the bag in my plastic cup to allow a bit of taste is beyond reasoning, perhaps its a local thing?

It took ages to get down the M6 for this visit, mainly due to the abundance of Burnley 'shirts' making their trip to Stoke.
Match rating: 2/10

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