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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Northwich Victoria

Tuesday 11th August 2009

Conference North

Northwich Victoria 2 Farsley Celtic 1

Attendance: 520
Admission: £14 Seats, £12 Standing
Programme: £2 a decent enough effort earns 6/10
Refreshments: Cheeseburger £2.50pm, Tea £1
Parking: I avoided the £2 car-park and went 'roadside', easy getaway.
Weather: Rain, rain, rain, which eventually dried up in the second half.

The heavy industrial park setting of out of town Northwich on a damp Tuesday night provided a grim backdrop for this overpriced encounter. How any self respecting club at this level can expect people to pay £14 to get in is mind boggling. No wonder the vast majority of the 500 or so crowd chose the covered standing area but even that was still a bit rich at an expensive12 pounds.

The wide open vista of Victoria Park (now titled The Marstons Arena) fails to lend itself to the inducement of matchday atmosphere. When added to the incessant drizzling rain one almost knew this was not going to be a memorable nights entertainment. Its abiding memory is that of plenty of concrete, toilet blocks behind the goals, bright green bucket seats in the stand and crush barriers down the touchline terrace.

Having missed my 'Tuesday night tea' to battle the curse of the M62-M60-M6 motorway network I was soon queuing at the concrete food outlet for a minimal range of either burger or chips. I sampled the cheeseburger with onions and when I bit into it I was immediately surprised by the purple-red colour of the inner as opposed to the crusted deep brown of the outer, I was pretty hungry so I decided to just get on with it. My accompanying drink was a tea in a tall plastic cup, average tea-bag stuff.

Northwich started pretty keen with plenty of movement and shouting but it all seemed to end in a recurring disjointed mess. Farsley, still numb from the rush-hour crawl down the motorway simply sat back and soaked it up. This kind of thing went around and around until a shock Farsley raid over the halfway line actually resulted in a goal! Needless to say the away side went even more defensive after that.

The second half got rid of the awful drizzle and on the hour mark a tidal wave of Northwich pressure bagged them 2 quick goals and a penalty, which they duly fluffed. That was about it after that. Farsley were incapable of mounting any kind of counter action and everything fizzled out into a sleep inducing end game.

Not the best of games and thats why it gets a match rating of 4/10.

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