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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Bangor City

Saturday 19th September 2009
Welsh Premier League
Bangor City 0 The New Saints 1
Attendance: 458
Admission: £7
Programme: £1.50p
Tea hut purchases: Tea 50p, Cheeseburger £1.50p
Weather: Cloudy with sunny spells
Parking: My only option was a city centre car park at £4.50p!
Apparently the current home of Bangor City FC at Farrar Road is living on borrowed time. The local council describe it as an eye-sore and if any redevelopment cash could be extracted from potential investors the ground would be knocked down for fancy shops, a bowling alley and some new flats. Bangor City would be packed off to a new stadium at Nantporth adjacent to the Menai Straits and the Island of Anglesey. Ok, Farrar Road is looking a bit tired and tested but it does have a certain charm, I reckon the people calling it an eye-sore are going too far, the same councillors would be much better employed on sorting out the absolutely terrible traffic problems in the gridlocked streets, which seem to be snarled up all around the city. Oh yes... and not forgetting the extortionate parking rate policy, give people nowhere to park and then rip them off in expensive car parks, very nice business indeed (not). I had to park well away from the shopping centre and they still took me for £4.50 for little more than a 3 hour stay, its not like Bangor is a major tourist attraction so why the robbery? Having got in the ground you get a feeling this is a friendly little club with a fan base who expect some success, this season has been pretty much average for Bangor so far and the match against The New Saints was not going to be easy. Around half an hour before kick off the tea hut opened its shutters and I fancied a cup of tea. Only 50p but it was one of those small plastic cups, the type that give you a couple of slurps and thats your lot. I had to get another one at half time. It was on this second trip to the hut that I ordered one of the cheese burgers, they were only £1.50p and they appeared to be most customers chosen purchase. I put my tomato sauce on and admired what appeared to be a deep, succulent and well browned burger, it sat resplendent in between a fresh welsh bun awaiting imminent demolition. Oh dear what a let down! The burger tasted horrible, it had a very greasy, sickly, fatty taste and I really struggled to finish it, perhaps in hindsight I shouldn't have? It probably wasn't anything to do with the burger but I did feel sick for a few days after this event. Definitely one of my worst burgers for a long time.
This game was on Welsh tv and we duly kicked off 5 minutes late, probably due to a late tv feed and lots of over-running adverts about daft loans, old peoples stair lifts and dogs running around with bog rolls around their necks. The game was entertaining enough with TNS looking slightly more of a quality product than the resolute but basic home side. Shame there was only a handful of TNS fans making the trip, especially as they were second in the table. The expanse of the TNS game plan seemed to take the wind out of Bangor in the second half and chances came and went but still no goals. It was only in the 87th minute that TNS got the goal that had been so elusive and meant so much to their title challenge, there was no coming back for a fagged out Bangor City. All 7 of the TNS fans went mad with delight. Game finished and it was time to take the 10 minute walk back to the car park where some local entertainment had been put on by a car owner who had left their volkswagon golf parked on a slope without the necessary handbrake. It had rolled down the car park and ploughed into a nearby car just four bays away from mine, I was lucky it wasn't me coming back to a badly dented vehicle... now that would really have got me moaning?
With the redevelopment plans in the pipeline that may be my last trip to the Farrar Road ground. My advice would be to get your trip in while you can (but best to skip the burger).

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DD said...

Visited this place in 2000. When going to the announcers box at half time for the team changes, and revealing that I was a groundhopper from the midlands. I got a mention over the tannoy.