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Thursday, 8 October 2009


Wednesday 7th October 2009
Vodkat North West Counties Premier Division
Padiham 2 Bacup Borough 0
Attendance: 162
Admission: £5
Programme: £1
Tea hut purchase: Tea 70p (from the clubhouse kitchen)
Weather: A clear and chilly evening
Parking: Club car park, easy getaway
Padiham is a traditional type of an old north western town not far from Burnley. Whenever I have had cause to drive through the centre it always appears pretty much dead, there is never a soul in sight. Tonight there were a lot of brightly lit takeaways offering up warming stodgy delicacies from China, India and the likes of East Lancashire but still the streets were empty. One would like to think the locals were already packing into Padiham football clubs Arbories Stadium up at the top of the hill. Sadly they weren't, they were watching Granada Reports behind the net curtains instead. I drove up the narrow lane past the pub and into the darkness, finally I entered the club car park, parked up and I started the task of applying extra clothing for the chill of the night ahead. Upon entering the ground you directly come across a nice looking clubhouse which looks pretty new, as there didn't seem to be a tea hut out on the ground I went inside to search for refreshment (I didn't want food as my wife had made me a massive homemade meat and potato pie for my early-tea before I left, unfortunately I was still full). As I walked in the clubhouse, everybody seemed to turn round and look at me, it was like walking into a saloon in a one-horse-town western although the furniture and fittings looked a bit better here. It was unbelievable...... nearly all the old blokes (and there were quite a few) all had the same headgear on! I'd stumbled across a mass outbreak of cheap Burnley bobble hats! I followed the crowd to the kitchen door and got a nice cup of tea in a mug and decided to slurp it outside. After the shock of the Burnley bobble hat clones I made a decision to watch the match on the far touchline banking. I had a quick read of the programme but even though it was only a pound it wasn't very good, however this is not the upper echelons of the Football League and I was grateful for the publication. Both Padiham and Bacup Borough had been in recent good form and both clubs currently resided in the upper part of the table. The match was keenly contested on a decent looking pitch and soon we had chances appearing at both ends. As the game wore on Padiham took control and their flowing dominance seemed to increasingly fragment the Bacup game plan, mistakes entered the away sides performance and it was no surprise when the goals came. One particular member of the Bacup supporters in the crowd had been voicing his displeasure at his sides inability to establish a meaningful output, this is fair enough and quite normal but it was unfortunate that his language was straight from the gutter and nobody wants to listen to swearing, especially when there are ladies and young children in the vicinity. This had been a decent game and the North West Counties League does seem to offer good value for money. Padiham look a strong side at home and it will be interesting to view their progress. Perhaps Bacup just had an off day, maybe it was something they had for tea.

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