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Sunday, 29 November 2009

The Prescot Cables Farce!

Saturday 28th November
UniBond Division 1 North
Prescot Cables v Salford City
Attendance: Me and quite a few other mugs who didn't have a clue
Admission: Nothing at the gate but a lot of wasted diesel
Tea hut purchase: Cheese & onion pasty from the shopping precinct £1
Programme: They cannot even put info on the club website properly?
Weather: Dry and sunny (which made this joke even more surprising)
Parking: Backstreets 15 minutes walk from ground (terrible set up)

Here is the statement I posted on Tony's Football Forum when I had calmed down after arriving back from sunny Merseyside yesterday (Saturday 28th November):


I'd just like to politely pass on how disappointed I am that Prescot Cables did not put information on their club website that there was a pitch inspection today, never mind the fact that the match may be in doubt?
I checked this website on 3 separate occasions before leaving for the match at 12.15. There did not appear to be anything to raise any concern about a possible inspection, never mind a possible postponement.
I have since found out from the away clubs forum (Salford City) that there was a PLANNED pitch inspection at 11am!!! If Prescot had kindly put this on their website I wouldn't have bothered with the risk and gone somewhere else instead.
It is not ideal to throw away gallons of fuel and waste over 5 hours to find nicely coloured pre printed posters on the gates saying match-off! By the time I arrived at the ground it was too late to go anywhere else. I saw quite a few other people arriving who had done the same as me and my colleagues. One lady even asked my friend "why didn't they mention an inspection on their website"?
This is not something I would normally associate with the UniBond League. Such a pity that a little notification in advance could have saved people a wasted journey (and a clubs reputation).

So there you have it. To say I am 'dished-off' with the incompetence that failed to sensibly notify spectators that this match was probably never going to happen is an under statement. In this age of compensation culture I should be able to claim fuel, vehicle wear and tear, sustenance, loss of hours and post-postponement stress. Prescot Cables failed to exercise a basic duty of care. All they had to do was put a simple one line message on their website, it would have taken half a minute. It cost me my day off, a lot of wasted time, wasted cash and my only chance to watch a football match.

The messing about I have suffered over postponed games these last few weeks makes me wonder whether it is worth continuing with this pursuit? After all, it is supposed to be about enjoyment and entertainment...... isn't it?


Pieman said...

Don't give up - I really enjoy reading your posts. Prescot let you and others down, big time but just look back at the fun you have had elsewhere this season.

Anonymous said...

you only had to click on the club forum to see the info you needed, the webmaster does actually have a real job.With the amount of rainfall anyone with an ounce of common sense would have simply phoned the ground if they had any doubts.There's no compensation for a lack of braincells.Oh please do come back though, we do miss groundhoppers on their day off from trainspotting.

Anonymous said...

Pity you didn't check out nonleaguelive24, the Unibond League website or Tiger Talk the Cables forum before starting your journey.
Cables may have a duty of care, but it only extends so far and the rest is up to you. A call to the Club or checking out other avenues of information on Unibond Clubs would have saved a wasted journey. The Officials at Cables did what is asked of them by the can't assume that the webmaster is on hand 24/7 for any club.
Sorry you had a wasted journey but part of the blame lies with yourself.

Uwdi Krugg said...
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Anonymous said...

Sustenance eh? Do you fast when you're not at a match? As for the comment on the parking - most grounds I have been to in league & non-league need a walk of varying distances. Again, if you had consulted the club website you would have found plenty of advice on where to park & would have been a lot less than 15 minutes walk.

Anonymous said...

You could have called the Cables telephone number located on the website to find out about the inspection. It's not rocket science.

Anonymous said...

Blimey - you dont half moan