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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Boxing Day Fixture Postponed

I was hoping to attend Hyde United v Stalybridge Celtic this Boxing Day but the icy hell of the ungritted, untouched, un-local-authoritised North West of bankrupt (sad) England put paid to any chance of possible football action. Shame as it was quite warm on the day, 6 degrees in some parts, the problem was that nobody in charge of resources actually provided any resources to make things happen.

How the robbing local authorities get away with stealing mega amounts of council tax cash from ordinary people in this part of the world is a downright disgrace. Some of the cabbage heads in charge of council strategy should be sacked! We get next to zero return for a massive outlay of money. We really are on the road to hell.

Snow, snow and more snow has replaced rain, rain and more rain over recent weeks. How long before the roof blitzing storm force winds start again?

This really is a shyte location to live. I need to move.

Wonder how the house on top of a hill puts up with it all? Dont think it will be here in another ten years?

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