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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Called to the Cup!

Despite my massive cold I woke up this Sunday morning like a junky without a fix. Yesterday I missed my football match! In spite of last nights homemade prescription of flu fighting food and drink (Whisky and a big Lamb Sagwalla) I still felt like death warmed up. Probably more to do with the over spiced Sagwalla than the cold virus.

Sod it, what had I to lose? There was a terrific looking FA Cup tie on this Sunday afternoon and I for one was going to be at the FC United v Barrow big match come cold, flu or whatever! It was bloody freezing in the house (the central heating dried my throat up) and the Wife stopped handing out sympathy rations last Tuesday.

I rang up Frugal Glenn to see if he wanted to tag along and it was 'game-on'!

Less than 3 hours later I made it through to scenes which put the emergency shelter of the Chilean Miners into the 5 Star Platinum Plus category of Mayfair, I'd arrived at the FC United Tea Hut, courtesy of Gigg Lane, Bury Football Club. Oh dear?
More tripe, gubbins and match report findings will be posted on here around Monday teatime, Beechams Hot Lemon (and Night Nurse) pending.

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Michael said...

Great result for FC. Must have been some atmosphere there towards the end - just what you needed to burn off that cold.