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Sunday, 3 October 2010


Saturday 25th September
South West Peninsula Throgmorton Cup Round 1
Newquay 0 Penryn Athletic 3
Attendance: 110 (head count)
Admission: £3
Programme: 50p
Tea hut purchases: Tea 60p, Twix 60p
Weather: Sunny and pleasantly warm
Parking: £2.40p in the Mount Wise 'council' car parkThey must be pretty laid back in Cornwall, must be all that surfing and Atlantic sea air. A typical example was the kick off time for this Throgmorton Cup tie. I checked the website before travelling and it clearly stated 3pm, when I arrived at the ground at twenty to three a big sign on the road boldly communicated 2.30 kick off! I dashed up the lane to the turnstiles thinking I'd now missed the first ten minutes? After catching my breath I realised everyone in the ground was 'chilling' in the sunshine as the teams were still in the dressing rooms. The officials and players eventually wandered out when they felt like it and kicked off the proceedings at 2.50pm.After driving nearly 350 miles to get to this game my head was a bit rucked for the first twenty minutes, I struggled to concentrate on the action and I only came around after a nice cup of tea and a twix bar from the friendly tea hut near the corner flag. I was going to have a cornish pasty but my wife had promised to get me a prize-winning one for my supper, she'd gone to Padstow while I was at the match and was going to call in at the fantastic Chough Bakery to buy a couple of extra large steak pasties, Mmmm. Anyway back to the action.Both these sides fancy themselves as South West Peninsula League Division 1 big wigs, Newquay were 4th in the league whilst Penryn were top. This was without doubt one of the ties of the round. The local fans had hung their large Newquay FC flags at the back of the traditional looking main stand and the stadium looked a picture in the warm September sunshine.It was a pity that the football didn't match up to the billing as the game turned out to be a scrappy and niggly affair pretty much bossed throughout by a confident (and dominant) Penryn Athletic side. Newquay failed to click into gear and stuttered through the game hardly creating anything of note to worry the visiting keeper. Penryn were strong at the back and seemed to pass the ball better in midfield, their captain Sean Johnson had an outstanding individual game, when you consider that the best Newquay player by far was goalkeeper Luke Payne it provides a snap shot of the proceedings. It later became public knowledge that Newquay manager Jim Hilton was so upset by the lacklustre performance of his players that he threatened to quit! Apparently some of the players hadn't been turning up for training and Jim was struggling to get his tactics understood (oh dear). Despite the inner wranglings there was a decent turn out of home supporters for this game, surprisingly a lot of the spectators getting behind the team had Northern accents?Most people chose to stand at the top of the slope at the turnstile entrance side of the ground, the sun was certainly quite strong in the mid afternoon period, from here you could smell the sizzling bacon being fried off for the best selling bacon-baguettes, they looked pretty decent from what I could see. I suppose the weather and the food gave back something for the shortcomings on the pitch. Having said that I did think that the referee, David Lobb from Par, had a very competent match, he got near enough everything spot on in my book. As the game slipped further into Penryns grasp my mind was wondering towards my suppertime feast..........


The Onion Bag said...

Great pics Krugg , looks like a decent tick ?

Michael said...

That is a quite spectacular looking pie. In the same league as the chicken effort I had in Jedburgh the other month. Which is to say, it's a lot better than the boiled burgers at West Auckland Town.

Uwdi Krugg said...

Can anyone remember burgers in a tin? Back when I was a kid my Mum tried them for a while with instant mash?

Michael said...

Thankfully, no. I did once see bread in a can in a Japanese vending machine. Be thankful your mother didn't!