Uwdi Krugg will be spending whats left of the 2017-18 season visiting South West non league football grounds and taking lots of silly pictures.

Sunday, 7 November 2010


Over the hills and down through the woods.


The Onion Bag said...

am looking forward to your return very soon Krugg - in the meantime i will keep the tea huts busy in your absence !

Uwdi Krugg said...

You greedy bloater OB!

Leave a burger on that grill plate for me (and put those pies down).

The Onion Bag said...

i will very gladly leave you all the pies at Droylsden and Curzons ground - but not at Bacups !

The Onion Bag said...

Krugg ...

can i enter your photo comp to win a prize ???

The second ground is .. Burscough
Victoria Park, the stand is down the far end as you enter the ground.

I was standing there 3 days ago !

Uwdi Krugg said...

Congratulations OB you've just won a fantastic prize:

'The Frugal Glenn Plastic Pie Spoon'

This sleek looking spoon comes in trendy white plastic and was half-inched by Frugal Glenn himself from the Barnoldswick snack bar.

Be the envy of other hoppers as you proudly produce this classy little utensil from your match bag. The spoon can also be used for stirring tea bags or cuppa soup.

Frugal Glenn has written his motto 'EAT-FREE' on the reverse side of the plastic handle in marker pen.

You will be sure to have a better quality experience of enhanced pie scoffing with this truly wonderful item (endorsed by the master of tightness himself).

The Onion Bag said...

AWESOME ! Words cant express how i am feeling .... will i have it personally presented by Frugal Glen himself ?

Naturally i will be very humble being in the company of the great man.

Uwdi Krugg said...

I'll ask Frugal for a price OB.

It may be more economical if he leaves the plastic spoon at a ground, railway or service station you may possibly visit this season in one of his complimentary Hovis bread bags. He usually leaves valuable goods (in the bread bag) under a marked brick.

Secure-Brick notification is £9.99p inc VAT.

Please note these are Frugal Glenn policy arrangements not mine.

The Onion Bag said...

hey just thought i would let you know that a visit to New Mills is a must.... great people in great surroundings

my blog will tell you of what happened when i went - cracking evening !