Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Diesel at the pump

As local Diesel prices soared even higher today, (the garage down the road is now robbing people for 144.9 per litre), I regretfully decided to cancel my planned midweek match tonight.

I couldn't afford to drive to and from Harrogate Railway Athletic, it is simply costing too much money to put the Match Shed on the road for a 120 mile plus trip.

The ridiculous greed of cash hungry capitalists is beyond belief, the slightest oil related blip anywhere in the world immediately results in any type of garage slamming 5p a litre on the pump price (it hardly ever comes down again).

Sorry, can't pay it, wont pay it and lets not forget all the tax that the Government takes from this, I know times are hard but the situation is already on a 'Daylight Robbery' scale.

Like a lot of people who travel around to partake in a hobby, I am judging whether it is still affordable?

It is hard enough to afford fuel for essential travel as part of 'needs-must' everyday life.


Tim Bostelle said...

Love the blog, it would be a real shame if you couldn't keep it up due to the high cost of diesel.

I have a question though, diesel costs just $4.00 a gallon here in the US, yet you are paying nearly $9.00! That can't be all down to greedy shop owners can it?

Dave said...

It's about 68% tax on petrol and diesel over in the UK. Keep up the good work, Mr Krugg.

The Onion Bag said...

What has Frugal Glen got to say ?

Anonymous said...

Yes a great blog,keep the weekend going though. I have resorted to pushing the car now to save petrol.

Reynard The Fox said...

Know where you are coming from Uwdi. I don't think you are the first to be looking at the cost and unfortunately I don't think you will be the last. I'm tending to stick very local during the week, Grimsby Borough is a 10 minute drive for me and I've been going there a fair bit midweek. Saturdays, well I look long and hard before travelling over 100 miles these days. Mind you, leaves me a fair few grounds to go at.
Hope you keep going mate, see you soon.

pete said...

thanks uwdi for your comments on the cggb's post, love your site,i really enjoyed the 25 or so non league we went to it was proper football! hoping to do somemore in the near future pete

Anonymous said...

Agreed would be a shame if you had to stop blogging but you could always try public transport to games.

RussWWFC said...

137.9 is the cheapest I can find near us, the whole cost of fuel is why I switched from Petrol to Diesel, Can eek 50MPG out of mine if I take it easy.

You can check the cheapest garage near you at, very useful if you don't know the area that well (I always use it when I am away from home)

dudsey said...

Same here Uwdi it £20plus now for away games in the Evo 1 South so with admission & food its nearly £50 for a game.


Uwdi Krugg said...

It is 7p per litre cheaper on the A1 than it is in my local village. Some of these low lifes are just ripping people off, and that is irrespective of turmoil in other parts of the world. If prices ever level off to a more reasonable figure, that robbing garage near me will never see me filling up again.... I'll drive 6 miles to the next pump before I line their bulging wallets again!