Uwdi Krugg will be spending whats left of the 2017-18 season visiting South West non league football grounds and taking lots of silly pictures.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Tea Hut back on the road!

A mixture of 'pants' type weather and a mentally deranging job have got in the way of Tea Hut action these last few weeks.

Something had to give! Dramatic and drastic action has opened up the door for the possibility of top drawer North West Counties League Division 1 action this coming Saturday.

Heading past Premier League stadia at Ewood Park continuing on just beyond the outer edge of Blackburn, AFC Darwen (12th) will be taking on league leaders Runcorn Town in one of the non-league 'match of the day' classics that the month of March is so culturally famous for. I'm hoping it will be living up to the extensive local media hype poured onto the fixture?

The question is should I take my (still new) 3 quid flask or rely on the local tea bags in the club tea hut?

Lets hope I get there, all being well, my visit report should be posted on the Tea Hut site sometime Sunday evening.
UPDATE: Saturday Lunchtime
Just found out that AFC Darwen v Runcorn Town has been POSTPONED due to a waterlogged pitch. Gobsmacked! Didn't realise it had even rained? Nothing on the Darwen website, nothing on the Vodkat NWCL website, I luckily spotted the call-off whilst casually glancing at the Runcorn Town site. What a joke! Darwen must have its own micro-climate? Very poor communication though.


Michael said...

Good to see you back. As for your tea conundrum, I'd go for the tea hut but keep the flask in the car just in case. If in doubt, I always hedge.

The Onion Bag said...

unlucky Krugg , its like me trying to go to Billericay 3 times with no luck. Went to Hitchin today , the tea hut was excellent including a barbecue smoking away with chicken , sausages, meat etc - i thought of you whilst stuffing myself !

a gem of a ground as well !

Katy Cat said...

Uwi, you must try the Crusty Cob in Ancoats for a matchday pie - you'd have to make an advance purchase to take with you but these are the very best you can get: scrummy