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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Friday, 24 June 2011

Retro old-school football programmes

I threatened to post some old Division 1 programmes from the Dark Side of the Moon , well here they come............

All of these come from the Tea Hut 1965-66 collection.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Pre Season Friendly Options?

Looking around the ever increasing listings of next seasons avant-garde Pre Season Friendlies I became tantalisingly transfixed on a slightly different approach. Instead of going to games here, there and everywhere amidst lots of clubs from various and widely random leagues, why not put a common denominator in place? Why not ensure that a club from one (and the same) quality league were always present in the respective fixture. Well, I had a go at it. The winning chosen league was the North West Counties League (by the way, they've lost the Vodkat tag now). I'm not 100% sure on commiting to this idea yet but I've picked out a selection of eclectic non league friendlies concerning NWCL clubs all in the month of July 2011. I might just take it on, there are a mix of charismatic standards and locations all being thrown in the mixer.... there are bound to be some worthwhile nuggets in there. Lets see how things transpire.

Here is a listing of my Pre Season Friendly research (and dates) for North West Counties League club involvement:


Saturday 2nd Prestatyn Town v AFC Liverpool

Saturday 9th Lostock St Gerrards v Barnoldswick Town

Wednesday 13th Silsden v Bradford City

Saturday 16th Longridge Town v Ashton Athletic

Saturday 23rd Prestwich Heys v Maine Road

Thursday 28th Buckley Town v Runcorn Linnets

Saturday 30th Llandudno v Stone Dominoes

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Mid Summer Bobbins

Gonna sort out my Pre Season Friendly visits over the next week or so, I know a lot of people don't rate them (some groundhoppers wont be caught dead at them) but I tend to class them the same as hangover tablets. If you need them badly enough you'll damn well take them.

Mid summer non-football period is really taking its toll. I tried to get back into a bit of cricket recently but when they all tramped off because it got a bit cloudy I realised it wouldn't be practical, especially not where I live.

Dug out an old 'football programme' objective yesterday. Some years ago I started off attempting to attain a home programme for every First Division Football League Club for every season from 1965-66 through to 1974-75. Please note younger readers, this was Pre Premier League times when the First Division was numbero-uno in English football top-turkeyism. Checking how far I got..... I'm round-about two thirds of the way there. I even bagged a couple of late sixties programmes on eBay today (just to keep my hand in). I reckon the boring summer will see me trying to progress this even further. Hopefully I might even post a few pictures of recent acquisitions on here (now that WILL be exciting). Its better than nothing at all I suppose.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Its rained for 50 days and 50 nights

After yet another wet, cold, miserable mid June day the mind looks for small positives. I'm afraid there are hardly any in sight. For the 5th year running the summer weather around the western upper edge of the South Pennines has been absolute PANTS.
How ironic the eastern side of the country is apparently enduring a drought (which will doubtless put 'yet-more-ridiculous' price hikes into gear). Some smug home-counties woman from BBC News said we might run out of food next winter and we're all going to die. They have it rough down south don't they. They stopped reporting on North West weather during the Thatcher period. Its usually pretty cr*p in any case so we don't tend to bother.
Anyway, I've got a new lake to look at in my back garden, the cats a bit miffed because thats where he usually does his business.
I've got two wooly jumpers on at the moment and double socks, its 8 degrees max. Good job we haven't caved in to those daft calls for summer football, there wouldn't be a game on today, they'd all be waterlogged. Whats gone wrong with our weather system? It seems to get steadily worse every year.