Uwdi Krugg will be spending whats left of the 2017-18 season visiting South West non league football grounds and taking lots of silly pictures.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Mid Summer Bobbins

Gonna sort out my Pre Season Friendly visits over the next week or so, I know a lot of people don't rate them (some groundhoppers wont be caught dead at them) but I tend to class them the same as hangover tablets. If you need them badly enough you'll damn well take them.

Mid summer non-football period is really taking its toll. I tried to get back into a bit of cricket recently but when they all tramped off because it got a bit cloudy I realised it wouldn't be practical, especially not where I live.

Dug out an old 'football programme' objective yesterday. Some years ago I started off attempting to attain a home programme for every First Division Football League Club for every season from 1965-66 through to 1974-75. Please note younger readers, this was Pre Premier League times when the First Division was numbero-uno in English football top-turkeyism. Checking how far I got..... I'm round-about two thirds of the way there. I even bagged a couple of late sixties programmes on eBay today (just to keep my hand in). I reckon the boring summer will see me trying to progress this even further. Hopefully I might even post a few pictures of recent acquisitions on here (now that WILL be exciting). Its better than nothing at all I suppose.

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