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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Old Standians

Tuesday 12th July
Pre Season Friendly
Old Standians 1 Ramsbottom United 3
Attendance: 39 (head count)
Admission: £2
Programme: Nope
Tea Hut Purchase: Tea in a freshly washed pot for 50p
Weather: Dry, a bit cloudy, slight chill later on
Parking: Nearby side street, small car park gridlocked
I had to do a few Starsky and Hutch manoeuvres in the Match Shed before tonights game, I'd taken a wrong turning off Bury New Road and found myself in Radcliffe town centre. I had 15 minutes before the big game kicked off at the Ringley Road home of the Old Standians. A couple of dodgy 'U' turns got the Shed back on the flight plan (despite a few shaking heads from the locals). Its not an easy place to find, it was made welcome by a well positioned portable road sign by the side of the A667.
The tiny lane leading into a totally gridlocked car park meant side street parking but it was just over the main road and only a couple of minutes walk. I parked up behind a car with a Southport FC sticker in the back, my Spurs tax disc holder was in fine company. This looked a very nice affluent area with lots of big houses, a fine setting for a ground that was set up as a memorial to the old Stand schoolboys from Stand Grammar School who bravely gave their lives in the Second World War. Originally the team was for Old Standians from the school, however, with the school closed this rule has been relaxed. As we look at things in the present day, this friendly little club has already started on a development plan, they currently reside in the Lancashire Amatuer League and have plans to move forward ongoing. It was 2 quid to get in, the bloke at the table by the gate kindly explained that my ticket also put me in the half time raffle for a bottle of wine. 
The ground is nice and tidy with open greenery everywhere, the pitch is mostly metal railed with a few advertisement boards, any gaps are dealt with by red and white tape. The only structure is a white painted clubhouse spanning half across the main road end of the ground, this houses the changing rooms and a welcome internal tea hut facility with tables and chairs. A good few Rammy supporters made up most of the small crowd, they seemed to be picking the bones out of last Saturdays 2-1 defeat at AFC Darwen whilst eagerly looking forward to the coach the club had put on for next weekends friendly in North Wales over at scenic little Conwy.
On the pitch, Glenn Moses was putting the Ramsbottom squad through their paces, it looked a mix of regulars and trialists. Glenn resigned as manager of Atherton Laburnam Rovers at the end of last season, he will be a positive addition to the existing Ramsbottom coaching team. Once underway, the first half was more than a bit scrappy with the visitors having most of the possession, nothing much took the eye and it was little surprise that half time arrived with a 0-0 scoreline. Time to check that tea hut out. I had a reasonably priced cup of tea in a proper mug for 50p. They had a nice little pie cabinet on the counter crammed full with Hollands meat and potatoe pies, they looked good as well. The lady behind was trying to drum up trade by shouting out "come on get your pies, they're only a pound". It was a tempting offer and one well worth a pound, the problem I had was the enormous bowl of spaghetti bolognese I'd scoffed down before setting off for the game, I was still pretty full.
I'm pleased to report that the second half was a much better game and very competitive, not a nasty challenge to be seen either, the referee tonight had a very good game I reckon, he certainly let things flow and nothing got over-heated. Ramsbottom put some good moves together and scored a couple of scorching long distance goals, Old Standians kept in the game and battled extremely hard, they certainly deserved their goal (they nearly got a couple more). It ended up 1-3 to Ramsbottom and they look to have some good young players, the pick of the bunch was Grant Spencer, he only played the second half but he was quick, strong and certainly pretty good on the passing and shooting, he looks a good midfield player. A pleasant enough visit all in all, good luck to Old Standians in their efforts to push the club forwards, as for Ramsbottom, it will be interesting to see what the squad boils down to come the start of the season. A lot of people are tipping them to win the North West Counties League this season? There were a few glimpses of real quality in that second half, bring it on.   


Anonymous said...

thanks for your great report and kind words, it is much appreciated.

steve, secretary OLD STANDIANS FC

Uwdi Krugg said...

Thank you Steve, its a nice place to watch local football. I forgot to add reference in my report to the magically named Standians full back. Not heard anybody called 'Car Keys' before. All I kept hearing was "Nice ball Car Keys", "Close him down Car Keys", "Crap pass Car Keys", brilliant stuff!

Steve H said...

Great report as usual. Looking forward to a season of entertaining reports, hope this is a better year health and weather wise.

Uwdi Krugg said...

Me too Steve, thanks