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Monday, 22 August 2011


Sign of the times.

No Tea Hut visit on Saturday 20th August.

Spent a fortune on falsely overpriced diesel on the Friday & Sunday due to business commitments.

There was no money left for my football visits.

If the Millionaire Club (Cameron & Osborne) dont get 'very' lucky soon (which I very much doubt) there could be a good few more blank weekends as well.



dudsey said...

I know how you feel Uwdi, followed Rainworth the length and breadth last season. Simply can`t be done this year, that's why I`ve been going to Shirebrook mid-week, two miles away and only four quid to get in, it`s a plus that the football has been good.

All the best for the rest of the season

pete said...

totally agree, theres some proper football down the leagues, the cost of travelling and ticket prices has gone thru the roof,the game has been spoilt by a handful of premier teams looking to make as much money as poss!

Katy Cat said...

I don't Cameron (a shameless PR man all style and no substance) and Osborne (a multi millionaire trying to get to believe we're 'in it together' whilst driving through ideological cuts that reduce the living standards of ordinary) people being footballing - polo at Windsor maybe or the Henley Regatta. Appalling people: quite why anyone who's remotely average votes for these charlatans is beyond me.