Monday, 7 November 2011

Car Park Charging?

I believe MK Dons have started charging people £7 to park at the ground on matchdays. A typical Football League style disgrace I know.

What is extremely worrying is that a number of Non League sides have also jumped on the bandwagon. It appears there is no end to the quick-buck mentality of getting the supporter to pay the piper in recession hit Britain these days.

When will some of these naive non league clubs recognise that people are struggling to find disposable cash to attend games in the first place, supporters are already coughing up more dosh at the turnstiles (in most cases), now some narrow minded (greedy) clubs are fleecing them even further by putting a price on parking the bloody car!

Its not on.


pete said...

thats a rip off,but its the usual for any of these new arenas,take sheffield arena, its £3 parking for ice hockey,but any other event its £5,why? im sure theres some profit related reason why,i understand that clubs have to employ staff for car parking etc,but maybe some chairman of non league club has noticed a upturn in attendances so deciding to add a little bit more to the coffers?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your sentiments.