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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Colne v Maine Road postponement

Saturday 26th November 2011
North West Counties League Premier Division
Colne v Maine Road
POSTPONED (at 10 minutes to 2pm)!
Attendance: Me, some other mugs and half the Maine Road team
Wasted Fuel: At least 10 quids worth
Weather: Breezy with a bit of drizzle in the wind
Parking: On top of a hill right next to the turnstile
My love/hate relationship with the North West Counties League continues. Ok, the North of the country got a touch of wind today and around about lunchtime it started raining a bit. That is not to say we witnessed uprooted trees and 'Noahs Ark' flash floods. Still, to be fair, if Colne (or should I state the referee) thought this game was in doubt, I could go along with the theory (just about). What I cannot go along with is to simply call this game off when a lot of people had already travelled! If the referee doesn't want to get wet socks and splash marks on his new shorts, call it off at 1pm and make sure everybody knows about it! I actually got access to the pitch after the referee had left the ground to do a bit of his shopping in that new Sainsbury's near Colne town centre.
Guess what, I passed the pitch perfectly playable. The only bit of squelchy grass was in one of the goalmouths and near the outer (non playing part) of the corner flag. Take a look at the photographs for confirmation.
It must be me getting old, I remember loads of times when pitches far, far worse than Colnes simply got the go ahead for a perfectly reasonable (safe) game of football. The NWCL have got it in the neck from me before this season for stupid postponements, this one joins the ever increasing list. I suggest they start monitoring and assessing some of the so called 'in-charge' officials for what criteria they are using when making their decisions whether a game takes place or not?
Just because some fine-weather ref would sooner do a bit of silly christmas shopping because a bit of rain might spoil his new hair-do is completely unacceptable! And I'd not had any dinner! The nearest I got to a Colne pie was the sign next to the fully shut Tea Hut.
How ironic that on the long drive home the Match Shed travelled past 3 separate public playing fields that all had games taking place?


dudsey said...

Refs make you piss sometimes, Rainworth played Hallam one Tuesday night and you could have Jet-Skied down the slope and it went the full ninety minutes, what great entertainment it was too.

Uwdi Krugg said...

The thing is Dudsey, this is the third North West Counties League postponement I have sufferred in the last 6 weeks, all for apparent waterlogging in our driest autumn for decades. I did pitch inspections at Atherton Collieries and Colne, both pitches were playable, the other call off at Bacup came after 7 days of dry weather? There is a general feeling of incompetence surrounding the NWCL at the moment. I'm certainly not going to continue to spend loads of diesel money on these jokers (the NWCL), which is a pity because there are a few decent clubs in that league, who, in a properly managed set up I would travel to see, Maine Road included.

Magpie said...

If you're looking for a game for this weekend - check out Chorley v Nantwich Town. I've never known a game to be called off for a 'water logged' pitch in all my time Visiting VP.

AS Chorley are in dire straits financially, we'd gladly seperate you from your hard earned cash and ATM every extra supporter counts!

itsmeagain said...

most clubs have a biased ref to do pitch inspections early and if the club want the game off he usually does so and as i know from past experience not all games are cancelled by him turning up to check the game but from the phone call easy money for some