Saturday, 3 December 2011

More silly postponements in the North West

Here is a surprise!

The North West of England witnessed random light squally showers today. Nothing major, nothing prolonged, simply the type of everyday December drizzle-brand weather we've had for donkeys years.

Here's the mix (can't really call it a 'surprise' as it happens every week now)..............

The North West Counties League and Evo Stik Northern Premier League had yet another round of 'ridiculously' postponed matches to announce this Saturday afternoon.

The pathetic excuse was that old favourite the 'waterlogged pitch' (or should I simply state 'totally unprepared pitch').

Needless to say, the affected fixtures were all late communicated call-offs with the usual minimal notification we've come to sadly expect at this level (nobody gets to know until its far too late, for example... mug punters like me making stupid wasted journeys every other week).

I'm done with throwing time and money at these people in pursuit of what I naively class a hobby. We're not talking park football here, a lot of these incompetent clubs charge good money to get through the turnstiles, shame none of it gets anywhere near the maintenance or protection of the bloody pitch!

The rule of thumb round these parts for watching non league is wait until the Spring.

Shame the clubs who don't give a toss spoil it for the really good outfits at this level (the ones who put a game on today without any problems whatsoever).

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