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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Postponements: Seen it all now!

Radcliffe Borough postponed last nights Lancashire Cup Quarter Final match with Barrow because it was a bit windy! The news was posted on the Evo Stik fixtures page yesterday evening.

The Radcliffe official website simply says it was due to health and safety concerns?

The Barrow site provides a tad more clarity..... apparently, it appears one of the floodlights was not adequately maintained and was in danger of blowing down onto spectators? It seems Barrow didn't get told of the problem until late afternoon!

You couldn't make this stuff up (unbelievable).

What the hell is going on with non league football in the North West?

No wonder a lot of spectators can't be arsed anymore.

This is the second time that Radcliffe have pulled this fixture, first time around it was the usual 'northern classic' the traditional waterlogged pitch.


Wilbur said...

After 4 chosen games of mine being called off on Saturday, i was all set to go to Radcliffe ! Luckily i checked the website just before i was due to set off. Pissed off to say the least.

Katy Cat said...

You must be due a trip to Trafford Uwdi - the best pitch in the area will normally guarantee game-on. There's also a great Boxing Day game with Curzon in a week's time ;)