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Friday, 13 January 2012

Bootleg Report: Ramsbottom 2 Salford City 1

This uncut visit report has not featured on the Tea Hut site before now. Recently came across it whilst surfing the archives of 'Tonys Non League Forum'. It concerns an FA Cup Preliminary Round clash that I attended at Ramsbottom Uniteds ground on September 2nd 2011 (a Friday night fixture). There are no pictures (unfortunately).

Here we go.....................


Like Cod of the North I was also at........


Attendance 345

I respect Cods well compiled views but I have a slightly different opinion of the proceedings.

Not happy Ramsbottom decided to put the kick off back to 8pm to let a load of ale heads in who couldn't be arsed leaving the local pubs half an hour early. I passed most of these late comers driving around the corner to the ground at 7.10pm! They were all supping pints before toddling down to the ground 5 minutes before kick off. I strolled in the ground 20 minutes earlier and was the only person at the turnstile. Obviously the club didn't want the beer boys going back to the pub if they risked missing the start so they made everyone who'd been sensible in getting in a bit early pay the penalty. They should have kicked off on time, it would have served the ale heads right but greed is a funny old thing isn't it. Funnily enough I spotted some of the same late comers peeing all over the adjoining cricket buildings, typical!

As for all the hype about local people being able to see the real FA Cup trophy on show..... they kept it mighty quite about the ridiculous £4.50 charge for doing so! I'll stick to seeing it on the BBC. Ridiculous!

I also noted the 20% hike in admission price since the short time I last came here, nice to see a club taking note of the hard times around this part of the world.

As for the game, a superb opening goal from Salford in the first minute was a great start. Sadly, apart from a few good saves at either end the match turned out to be (generally) pretty poor quality with lots of mistimed passes and poor control. The referee very much favoured the home side as they kicked, elbowed and niggled without caution. A typical example was the Ramsbottom equaliser. The home sides NO.4 (Morley) cut down a Salford player with a blatant tackle from behind which unbelievably went unpunished, Ramsbottom went up the pitch, Salford put in a cleaner tackle (winning the ball) but got penalised, from the resultant free kick Ramsbottom made it 1-1. Salford suffered a lot more bad decisions as the evening panned out.

Wished I'd saved my money to be honest.

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What a pile of shite..