Saturday, 14 January 2012

NWCL Postponements

We had a bad frost last night. I spent all of this morning and early afternoon (up until 12.45pm) looking at websites, carefully keeping a check on twitter and ringing up various grounds to see which games had survived.

A lot of games in reach were called off but at 11am AFC Liverpool announced that their NWCL game v Silsden HAD PASSED AN INSPECTION AND WAS ON!

I struggled with M62 traffic and roadworks but eventually arrived at the Prescot Cables ground that AFC Liverpool use at 2.10pm.

I was met by locked turnstiles and the entire Silsden squad (in their smart tracksuits) angrily marching out the ground and boarding their mini-bus. "Whats going on" I fearfully enquired, "They've just decided to call it off" came back the reply from one of the players, he went on to say "two bloody hours to get here and they postpone it at the last minute.... the league told us it was on"!!!

So there you have it. Yet another ridiculously late postponement from a match referee. This was a major balls-up.

I hope the NWCL can offer officials some advice on letting people know a little earlier if games are going to fall foul of the weather.

I wasted over 120 miles worth of diesel and gave up a gloriously sunny day (it was 6 degrees in Prescot)

Think I've calmed down a bit now!

Apologies for the first draft (which was unedited).


Dave said...

Sorry to hear about this, Uwdi. I was in a Prescot car park and just paid two pound for an afternoon's parking when I got a text that the game was off. It's down to the ref, but I was really looking forward to this game.

Hope you stay with this league as I enjoy your pictures and write ups on the various games.

Dave an AFC Liverpool fan.

Uwdi Krugg said...

Thanks Dave

I just wonder who the bloody hell passed it playable at 11am?

It must have only been just above freezing then?

The match referee called it off when it was a nice afternoon (6 degrees)?

Perhaps we need to question who the NWCL sanction as pitch inspectors?

It would have been better to postpone it in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Could it have been cancelled due to an unforeseen improvement in the weather? Maybe the ref deemed it too sunny by the time he got there.

Hodders said...

Agreed Uwdi, they seem to do it much better in leagues at a similar level in the Midlands. Radford called their game off about 8 this morning.

TangerineDream said...

Interesting to read AFC Liverpool's
Comments about the situation on their official web site. Clearly they weren't happy about it at all.

Anonymous said...

From what I understand about this.AFC Liverpool declared the game 'ON' in the morning, the match Ref turned up and deemed the pitch unplayable.

This is not the fault of the NWCFL, as all clubs are given the same instruction to call in a local FA ref if there is any doubt. The fault for this postponement must lie with AFCL, for not following League guidelines.

I woudnt have been happy either, if I was a supporter or one of the Official Silsden party turning up to find a game called off a the last minute.

Geoff Wilkinson said...

Why not give me a ring next time your going to an NWCFL game and we'll meet up and discuss your concerns.
Regards, Geoff Wilkinson, Development Officer, North West Counties

Phil heaps said...

Come and watch football in the biggest league in Manchester, you'll love it pal, Lancashire & Cheshire AFL, great football