Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Pitches suffer after a hard winter

Passed through sunny Bacup today and had the chance of popping in to visit Borough's ground at the top of the hill.

Bacup Borough still have tons of games in hand on everyone else in the North West Counties League Premier Division due to all the postponements during the winter.

I was a tad surprised to witness some radical action from the groundsman.

The pitch looked somewhat different to my last visit here?

Looks like Borough have got rid of the notorious waterlogging problem by investing in a few bags of sand. Looks a lot more 'playable' than normal though!


Dawleylad said...

It sounds like a bit of a laugh though the reason so much local football has been played this season, on time is because we have not had the rain and in some parts of the country the pitches have been rock hard, right through the winter.


Paul Kirkwood said...

Time you got out to a match, Uwdi!

Uwdi Krugg said...

Not sure about that Paul?
Started thinking I dont need the hassle after an awful lot of nasty stuff came my way following my visit report on Bootle FC (not just on here neither). If you cannot write it as you see it you may as well not do it.

Dave said...

A great shame if you 'give' up, Uwdi. Still keeping your site on my favourites if you ever chage your mind, like.

Uwdi Krugg said...

Thanks Dave, I just got a bit fed up with a small section of very bitter people at Bootle FC being abusive and rude just because they didn't get 5 stars from what I reckoned was a fair minded visit report. In reality 99% of clubs are perfectly ok about genuine 'as-you-see-it' reporting. I have decided to keep my hand in and not allow a mindless minority to spoil my involvement. Your support is much appreciated.