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Monday, 16 April 2012

Football is being ruined

I am sick and tired of habitual divers and inept, incompetent referee's continually disgracing the game of football.

The pathetic (rancid) examples witnessed during Manchester United v Aston Villa and the FA Cup Semi Final between Spurs and Chelsea emphasise how far todays (sordid) game has slid down the toilet.

No wonder people don't go anymore, a lot don't even watch it on TV.

One has to question whether it is time to find something more honest and morally appropriate to enjoy than the maggot-ridden (corrupt) world of football?

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Anonymous said...

I love football, but am definitely in the Against Mod£rn Football camp. Diving, trying to get a player booked, and all other cheating is ruining the game. Rugby League is a great sport to watch as an alternative to footy.