Uwdi Krugg will be spending whats left of the 2017-18 season visiting South West non league football grounds and taking lots of silly pictures.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Match Shed on borrowed time

Regular readers of the Tea Hut reports will have at some stage come across 'The Match Shed'. A trusty vehicle who loves nothing more than hitting the road and speeding off to a new ground. It has served me really well these last 6 years, the Match Shed has never once let me down. It has been a pleasure to drive such a proud vehicle.

It is with sadness that I report that the Match Shed has not been too well these last few weeks and it may be time for a parting of ways. I am led to believe that the end may only be a week or so away?

Perhaps the relentlessly wet miserable weather has hastened the demise, maybe its because there have been no new grounds to see with wall to wall postponements every weekend. The Match Shed never did like shopping trips or messing around with family visits. The Shed was only happy when it was on a football adventure.

I will of course update the Tea Hut site regarding this unfortunate situation as more information becomes available.

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