Saturday, 27 April 2013

Breaking News

Following recognition that I was right all along, I have diplomatically decided to review an appeal from previously unknown North West Counties League sources to restore a NWCL presence on the Wheres The Tea Hut site.

The appeal arrived in the post and was in the same format often witnessed in ransom demands, it used cut up newspaper text to make up a statement begging me to take the NWCL back into the fold and that they had been more than a little rash to (in what the letter describes) 'f*ck up the title run in'.

The letter was simply signed 'Yours Apologetically, Doreen'.

I would have favoured an official apology from the League but what the hell this Doreen woman sounds genuine and its only fair I consider the approach and review the situation accordingly.

My review of whether the NWCL get back in my good books will take place after a few pints and a big chippy supper later this evening (I can see them now... sweating on it in their 3 year old Vodkat League sponsored Car Coats).
Serves em right for messing about with the mighty Runcorn Town!

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Dave said...

God bless Doreen.