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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Runcorn Town 4 Bacup and Rossendale Borough 1

Saturday 3rd August 2013
North West Counties League Premier Division
Attendance: 141
Admission: £5
Tea Hut Stuff: Cheeseburger £2
Parking: Beside the Pavillions
Weather: Long sunny intervals, light cloud, pleasantly warm

Brent Peters drives the Bacup Squad home
The start of the North West Counties League season has been even more enticingly anticipated than normal. The niggling fact that Runcorn Town came so close to winning this competitive league last season only to suffer an unbelievable and cruel number of setbacks in the final run in still hurts. The new campaign has seen a number of big talking wide walking contenders throw their hats into the ring. Every club has large ambitions and positive objectives before a casey has been kicked. Runcorn Town are certainly one of 3 or 4 gunslinging clubs every glory hunting cow poke side across the North West aspires to, and theres no shortage of jumped up wanna-be's who think they're fast enough to replace them. The prominent forces of Bootle and Maine Road loom large again, two fine sides with strength in depth, these will probably pose the major foreseeable threat to Runcorn Town, as for the rest its simply a case of 'who knows'? Some people are touting Glossop, others Stockport Sports, what about Congleton, Barnoldswick even Bacup? I've also got a sneaky feeling a side currently 'off the radar' might shock a few people this time around, Ashton Athletic, under a new management set up with some decent signings they could certainly ruffle a few feathers. Its going to be tough, very hard and thoroughly entertaining. My reason for watching Runcorn Town quite a lot is that you always get quality football, Simon Burton and Danny Salt have blended a rich seam of total-football adherence with a very talented squad of players able to adopt various tactical strategies. Todays game against Brent Peters Bacup outfit was a typical example of how Runcorn Town take sides apart root and branch and deliver clinical finishing with lethal results. Bacup are a decent developing side but they were forced to play second fiddle throughout their thoroughly uncomfortable visit to the Pavillions today. I'm not going to go through a match report schedule of every kick and chance of who did what etc, thats already on the Runcorn Town website, what I will comment upon is that this was a very impressive Runcorn Town performance that provides confidence that they are going to be one of the main protagonists of this glorious NWCL season. Performances warranting special reference in despatches include Mark Keddie in midfield, Karl Willis in goal, Kevin Lester at full back and a resurgent Gareth Grant up front. We also got a contender for goal of the season in the very first match, an absolute cracker from Andrew Potter as he jinked around numerous defenders, cut into the box and lobbed the ball over the sprawling Bacup keeper with a truly sublime finish. Wonderful. On an end note I must mention what a bloody good cheeseburger I had in the clubhouse just before kick off. None of this mushy cheap dross you get at some grounds, it was a proper juicy burger with a nice griddled crust on a fresh white bun, excellent.
Next up... Maine Road away on Monday night (is that a tough looking fixture or what)?


Spart said...

Don't forget the our new tea hut named in honour in. the best non-league blog in the land.

We can't offer those perfect burgers, but if you want hot and cold drinks and service with a smile then you've now got two choices at Pavilions

Alan B said...

Always a fair and true report and points made are correxc tho i do think our noisy neighbors will be there or thereabouts too.
Alan B .commercial manage RTFC

Unknown said...

Uwdi. Congratulations on your blog, one hundred percent correct, the photo of Mr Isherwoods Lorry also brought a rare smile and rest assured I will make it my way to show him his pride and joy getting recognised. Well done and keep up the interesting blogs. Brent Peters Bacup and Rossendale Borough FC Manager

Anonymous said...

I find it hilarious that your still blaming the NWCL for deducting Runcorn Town points last season as the reason that they didnt win the league.

At the time the manager said in the paper that they had known about it a week before it was published, in which time they won 2 games, the points deduction put them a point or two off top with 4 or 5 games to go, so there was still ample opportunity for them to win the required games.

Simon Burton lost them the title by inexplicably dropping the teams leading scorer for 4 years running for the last 2 months of the season.

Get a reality check.

Anonymous said...

Hey come on Anon lets forget that issue,this is a new season and one we've started very well.Very well written as always Uwdi.Nice to see a fresh and up for it Gaz Grant bang at it and Mark Keddie and Andy ''Harry'' Potter looking really good in midfield.Good to also see the best solid man for man left back back at our club not many if any will get round him and finally a very respectfull nod of appreciation and respect to Brent Peters and his Bacup side,they try to play football on the ground and have some very decent midfielders i was also happy that the subs they brought on didnt start the game cause they looked usefull also.Regards Town Fan.