Uwdi Krugg will be spending whats left of the 2017-18 season visiting South West non league football grounds and taking lots of silly pictures.

Thursday, 12 September 2013


Went to Padiham v Curzon Ashton last night. It felt good to just go along to the match without bothering about doing a visit report or taking lots of pictures, especially as half of the crowd seemed to be taking their own snaps in any case? The demand for expensive smart phones with fancy photographic technology shows no sign of decline.

I've tried to hack out a reprieve for 'Wheres The Tea Hut' regarding this season but I have to admit its now become a weary task taking along the old camera bag and trying not to repeat myself when compiling visit reports for grounds I've already been to.

'Change' is a phenomenon that can make people afraid, its safer and more comforting to simply carry on with the well-used routine. I disagree with this assumption. I believe we need to embrace change or risk becoming as tiresome and boring as the well worn record thats been endlessly played to death.

I'm not sure what this will mean for Wheres The Tea Hut going forward but I reckon it may be appropriate to change the format and leave the tired trusted formula to the increasing number of new reporters ploughing the very same fields that have already been ploughed so many times before.

Lets see what the next few weeks bring?


dudsey said...

I'm pretty sue we'll bump into each other pretty soon Uwdi as I'm stood at the same crossroad as yourself.

What used to be a Saturday adventure has now declined into a repetitive chore. I still enjoy taking and editing the photo's, but the feeling of re-hashing the same sentences over and over again is doing my nut in.

Not too sure where oneeyeontheball will end up, but it's all becoming a tad tedious for me even though the first thing I do on a Sunday morning is read everyone else's.

Hang on in there Pal in whatever format you choose.

Regards Dudsey

Dave said...

Hang in there, Uwdi. Always a pleasure to speak to you at a game.

Neil Watson said...

I started my blog in January and while racing is the main sport covered I have also put other things in to keep it interesting such as football,rugby league and union,athletics and even rowing!

Sticky said...

Pretty much in the same boat, there's only so many Murphy and Finley gags I can use. Will struggle on, but admit to losing a bit of heart.

All the best lads
Sticky P

Uwdi Krugg said...

One positive from the 'change-process' and shaking up the Tea Hut in general is putting a stop to the plagiarism that the site has been suffering from recently. Its about time some self-hyped 'hoppers' started creating their own scope, format & reporting style. Sick of some of them basically cutting & pasting ideas from the Tea Hut and just changing a few words around.

Paul Kirkwood said...

Agree with the other lads, Uwdi. Keep the Teahut going, I say. Always enjoy your posts and getting ideas for new grounds. My suggestion would be to limit your visits to grounds to when there's a big game on. Keeps the experience exciting and fresh.