Uwdi Krugg will be spending whats left of the 2017-18 season visiting South West non league football grounds and taking lots of silly pictures.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Tea Hut back full time for 2014/15

The Tea Hut will be back in earnest for the 2014/15 season.

There are already half a dozen Pre Season Friendlies scribbled in the diary and thats just for July.

More updates to follow.


paul watson said...

Good to see you will be back Mr Krugg :)

Jerry Mungo said...

I look forward to reading about your experiences this coming season and maybe we'll see you at a Salford game this season.

Rick aka TangerineDream

Uwdi Krugg said...

Thanks chaps, much appreciated

Kevin Sharpe said...

Great to see your blog back.

Kevin Sharpe said...

Great to see tour blog back.