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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

FC United 1 Buxton 1

Tuesday 19th August 2014
Evo Stik Northern Premier League Premier Division
Admission: 1,914
Admission: £8
Programme: £2
Tea Hut Stuff: Over run by the starving hordes
Weather: Late sunny periods, dry turning chilly
Parking: A personal record long distance tonight, not acclimatised to this kind of trek for a game at Bower Fold, I usually park right beside the ground for a Stalybridge game.
Whats the point of a poxy little blog report when a club as popular as FCUM have their very own television coverage, a radio station that wipes the floor with even the likes of Talk Shyte and Radio 5 Live and some very good photographers shooting anything that moves whether its on or off the pitch, not to mention a much younger audience than your average non league crowd all busy, busy, busy taking loadsa snaps on their rental contract iPhones.

I'll get me coat......

Step aside Tea Hut and simply enjoy the best low-cost mid week entertainment since Billy Smarts circus did the North West in 1972. This even beat the time Jumbo shit on the ring masters boots.

Just turning up and seeing the flags, hearing the cutting wit and enjoying the all surrounding presence of a cultural clan like enthusiasm for this charismatic ground breaking club is worth your 8 quid admission money. And they don't even move into their first ever home ground until November (at least Stalybridge is a lot better than Bury)?

Some people don't like all the attention, so called smugness and razzmatazz that gets self generated at a FCUM game. I say give it a chance. I'm a die hard moaning bugger but some of the principles this lot stand up for we should all applaud. More to the point, on a boring Tuesday evening, its almost bloody good fun. I bet the host club renting their very nice stadium for this game wished they could pull in a couple of thousand for a game against the likes of a Buxton outfit (no disrespect to the visitors pulling power intended).

The atmosphere the crowd brings, which is further complimented by the self rule principles and co-ownership of the club, makes a somewhat refreshing change for what most of us non league football followers normally witness. The opposition get plenty of stick for sure, as do the officials but I see the very same abuse, banter, call it what you want at games with less than 50 people on the ground.

Its the same game, football, no matter where you play it and its what happens on the pitch that ultimately matters (isn't it)? FCUM are no different in this aspect and even the wonderful atmosphere couldn't save tonight's encounter with Buxton turning out to be a bit of a Dog. Missed passes, a lack of positional awareness and dare I say it 'nerves' seemed to inhibit both sides on a continual basis. Fragmentation and disjointed play ate away at tactics, strategy and confidence, we ended up being provided with little true quality. Sure, there were a few good chances at both ends but nothing seemed to threaten to ignite the game. A first half FCUM tap in from Wolfenden only a yard out put them 1 up in the 34th minute before Buxton got a well deserved equaliser from a late Liam Hardy penalty. A fair result on the balance of play.

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