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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Blackburn Rovers 2 Charlton Athletic 0

Saturday 20th December 2014
Attendance: 13,231
Admission: £17 in the Riverside Stand near the halfway line
Programme: £3 and a big step up in quality from 2 quid non league jobs
Tea Hut Stuff: Went to Macdonalds just across the road
Weather: Cloudy and cold which complimented all the concrete
Parking: Blackburn town centre, the wife was doing shopping
Credit were its due Rovers offer some of the best ticket prices going. 17 quid for Championship level football in a seat with a good vantage point is really decent value, in fact its even cheaper than a whole host of Non League Conference level clubs at the moment (you know who you are).

This game fell in with the Financial Controllers compulsory Christmas Shopping trip for herself. So long as I dropped her off in the town centre and could guarantee she would be off home no later than 5.15pm I had clearance to (as she kindly put it) "bugger off to football". I signed up to the deal immediately.
It was a technically acceptable game with the home side making a great start with a couple of early Jordan Rhodes goals. The South London visitors provided little threat for the most part and offered only a limited second half fight back for their 318 supporters lost in the caverns of the Darwen End, for the first 45 minutes Charlton were never at the races. Long trip this time of the year for such a lack lustre showing. Rovers themselves look to have the quality and spirit to get back into the competitive play off race, lets hope they stick with the genuine ticket pricing structure.

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