Where's The Tea Hut reflects upon local football South West style with a few trips further afield. Keep the faith & stay safe.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

St Blazey 0 Bodmin Town 4

Wednesday 31st August 2016
South West Peninsula League Premier Division
Attendance: 123
Admission: £5
Programme: After the Camelford & Tavistock rip-offs, NO
Raffle Ticket: Crime of crimes... I didn't want one?
Parking: Tightly congested club car park
Weather: Calm evening, slight chill later on

No pictures from this one, no glowing tributes either (and I don't mean the beer). I shall explain further into this report.

Firstly the proceedings on the pitch.

Bodmin more or less sauntered through this game in cruise control. Even after testing games in recent days against the likes of Bideford and fellow top four rivals Tavistock they still had enough nous and superior gameplay to totally dominate a poor looking St Blazey outfit. Much of the 90 minutes resembled a games lesson exercise of attack and defence, only the defence side of the equation wasn't that good and Blazey had good luck to thank for the avoidance of a cricket score.

The home side had odd trips up field but they all ended in nothing, the sitter that 'The Tornado' fluffed in the first half set the general tone for the proceedings. Perhaps the best contribution from St Blazey was that the keeper saved a first half penalty. When the club ran out of match balls half way through the second period thoughts turned to home, the end result was never in doubt.

Now onto something which I call the hard sell. Something which slightly soured my visit to Blaise Park this evening, which is sad to report following a really enjoyable trip to the ground in July for the friendly against Argyle.

Sadly, even in homely little non league football you can unfortunately witness clubs crossing the boundary of what is appropriate respectful behaviour. It doesn't happen very often but the tactics some clubs willingly operate to generate a bit of extra income tarnish not only their own football clubs reputation but that of the league they play in.

Over the years I have bought tons of stuff at non league grounds, programmes, tea hut grub, pints, club badges and lots and lots of raffle tickets.

I stupidly arrived at St Blazey realising I only had 5 pounds in my wallet. Thankfully it was just enough to get in with. Didn't even have enough for a programme (but after the rip-off publications I'd suffered at Camelford and Tavistock that didn't bother me too much). Anyway... once through the turnstile there was a group of spectators all stood around talking to friends or queuing at the Tea Hut when a loud lady about 5 yards away singled me out and shouted "Hey you! Are you going to buy a raffle ticket off me"? I politely smiled and told her no thank you not tonight. She then seemed to get agitated by my response and raised her voice even more "What, you don't want to buy a ticket, what's a matter with you"? At this the people nearby started to turn around looking at the commotion. Again I politely smiled and shook my head as I moved towards the stand. In the background I heard her mumbling (in clear shot of everyone else, still quite loud) "Honestly, I ask you... Tight B******"!

If I had more money I may have bought that raffle ticket, then again I may not have, that is MY choice. I fully understand most non league clubs are strapped for cash but that doesn't mean its a god given right that every spectator through the gate MUST buy a raffle ticket.

To be dealt with in this rude and negative way by what is (I suppose) a representative of St Blazey Football Club is out of order and disrespectful. I made the 50 minute journey to watch a football match not boost somebodies raffle ticket sales.

Unfortunately, despite some decent football from Bodmin Town, this was not really an enjoyable visit.