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Friday, 23 February 2018


Lanreath, which is pronounced 'Lanreth' is a smart charismatic little village around 6 or 7 miles from the popular seaside port of Looe.

It looks a quite place to be honest, most of the action seems to circulate around the village shop, lets just say it's not exactly buzzing.

The football team trot out at Rally Park and play in Division One of the East Cornwall Premier League (bit confusing title that isn't it). Shall we just stick with ECPL D1.

Rally Park houses a rather large looking Sports Bar and extensive car park which advertises free 'flop on the floor' Satellite TV football channels we normally have to pay for back at home. Its a rather imposing building actually as it looms over the adjacent football pitch, it lurks in the background like some unwelcome intruder from outer space. It's probably very friendly and homely inside with not a Martian in sight. 

The ground is pretty much open plan and I can imagine it's a cruelly exposed location when the rain pours in from the Atlantic. 

It's neat and well kept with advertising around the pitch perimeter and has a couple of nicely weathered dug outs to compliment the facilities.

The jewel in the crown is 'The Kippax' covered terrace which nestles between the aforementioned dug outs. It's tiny and I can imagine it gets packed with freezing cold substitutes during the game as they seek 'Shelter from the Storm' (slight Bob Dylan plug there, sorry). Get here early if it's dodgy weather, viewing spots out of the hailstones will be at a premium.

Can't really recommend anything grub wise in the area, perhaps the Sports Bar do stuff? To avoid disappointment best rustle up three or four sandwiches from home just in case. Piece of cake would be nice too.

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