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Thursday, 15 February 2018


Pelynt FC are located just off the main road from Looe to Polperro. 

Its very much holiday maker country down in South East Cornwall, when it's not raining that is, which unfortunately seems to occur very often. I'd go home early too if it had p*ssed it down all week (but that's another story best kept separate for now), I've been living down here 3 years and there's hardly been a dry day yet, I kid you not, check out the postponements to Cornwall based non league games this season and you will be amazed at the call off rates, all due to waterlogged pitches, or should I say pop-up ponds?

Getting back on track with Pelynt, the club play in Division One of the Duchy League and the homely little ground is a well kept picture of delight. Hopefully the snaps at the end of this introduction shine a little light on this treat.

Its a lovely setting (despite the nearby road) nestling amongst wooded countryside as it sweeps downwards towards Talland Bay and the sea. You are a short walk from the waves here, its that good. Hence the expansive caravan site on it's doorstep with a mobile fish and chip shop 5pm every night. 

There is not a lot grub wise in shooting distance otherwise. You can pay the sky high car parking charge in Polperro and sample their few pub grub pubs or delve along to Looe for overpriced sadly hit and miss food but genuine quality value for money tucker is hard to find in these parts. There is a pub doing food in Pelynt village which is quite a way back up the road from the ground (certainly not walking distance) think it's called The Jubilee Inn but I have yet to try it, hopefully it will compliment a nice day out to the football ground. There is also a really good cafe down on the waterfront at Talland Bay but I suspect this may not always be open during the winter season, best check beforehand, just google Talland Bay Cafe to check.

Anyway, getting over the minor gripes about Cornwall weather, ridiculous Polperro parking charges and dodgy dinners it's time to let you take a look at this basic but very scenic little non league ground, a credit to everyone at Pelynt FC who keeps this gem so spick and span.

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