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Sunday, 30 December 2018

Wadebridge Town 0 Porthleven 4

Saturday 29th December 2018
South West Peninsula League Division 1 West
Match Rating 5/10
Attendance: 62 (head count)
Admission: £2
Programme: £1
50/50: £1 (missed it by 2 numbers)
Tea Hut: Nein danke
Weather: Continual drizzle
Parking: Above the pitch opposite the Main Stand
Seems to rain everyday in Cornwall, today was no different, dull leaden sky and that bloody awful drizzle.  I fired up the Match Shed and trundled off to Wadebridge, a nice little town which is a well known stage on the Camel Trail cycling route running through from Padstow to Bodmin.

The Bridgers (Wadebridge) were currently third in the SWP Division 1 West and today faced up against the league leaders Porthleven. Seemed more or less match of the day down the South West.

Must be showing my age (or perhaps its the wrinkles from being wet through all the time) but the chap in the hut at the entrance to the ground automatically charged me the old timer concession rate. I wasn't complaining when I handed over the 2 quid, I was even inspired to splash out on a colourful looking programme and a 50/50 ticket (I'd won the pot last time out over at Holsworthy).

Bodieve Park is one of the better grounds in this part of the country, there are raised grass banks offering excellent viewing spots plus the addition of a slightly strange looking Main Stand and the Ron Williams Shed End. Its slightly smaller than the famous Shed of West London fame. You also get easy parking here and if it's raining (which it probably will be) you can see all the action from the comfort of your car.
Was amazed when the sides lined up to see a 12 year old referee in charge. OK he probably looked younger than his age but putting someone so young in charge of what was obviously going to be a hotly contested encounter seemed a naive choice. Sure enough plenty of loud mouthed opinionated players tried to intimidate the young chap and gave him a hard time indeed. Credit to the lad he still managed to keep a lid on the proceedings and did a spirited job bearing in mind the obvious inexperience. He was well supported by a linesman provided by Wadebridge who proved to be impeccably neutral in his flag waving, sometimes foiling desperate Wadebridge attacks as they battled to get back into the game, a rare but welcome sight, well done Sir.
The usual frenzied beginning to a non league game witnessed plenty of misplaced passes (not helped by a bobbling pitch) enthusiastic shouting, hoofing and charging around. Thankfully things settled down midway through the first half and we got the makings of an attractive encounter. 
Porthleven ended up worthy winners and created numerous scoring opportunities. They look a well balanced experienced side. Credit to Wadebridge they fought hard throughout the game and engineered a sack full of chances themselves, the game could have easily ended up 8-12, however it was the visitors who proved to be much the more clinical and took an important 3 points back to Gala Parc for their title kitty. 

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