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Sunday, 25 August 2019

A Bridge Too Far

Saturday 24th August 2019
South West Peninsula League West
Attendance: 51 (head count)
Admission: £5 and £3 concessions
Programme: Free 
Tea Hut Stuff: It was shut (honest)
Weather: Hot sunny day with a blustery gulf stream breeze
Parking: Pitch side view from the waste ground on top of the grass bank

Local Profile
Wadebridge is the gateway town before tourists hit the packed out publicised honey pots of Padstow, Rock and Port Isaac. Local celebrities with expensive property around here include Rick Stein, Gordon Ramsay and David (Brexit) Cameron. Apparently Doc Martin is set to join them, rumour has it he's doing a second viewing on a 3 bed semi just down the road from the new Aldi.

House prices are above average here as is the beer, the wine and the grub, bring your cheque book if you're planning a pre match meal. There are a couple of chippys in the centre but the one I tried on another visit looks quite nice but the food was dull.

Any long distance groundhoppers planning a visit to Bodieve Park now have the convenient option to book a cheap room at the Premier Inn which is next door to the ground (you might spot it in one of the snaps below).

Getting In
Not much crowd congestion at the entrance today, I counted around 50 in the ground, most of them had made the 22 mile journey from Liskeard.

Came across what looked like the old admission shack at the far end of the ground. Don't make em like this anymore. Some clubs get them flat pack from the B&M economy store these days.

Match Programme
Wadebridge supply a free programme which is a nice touch especially as I forked out 2 pounds for a similar looking effort at Saltash United in the week. 

I was ready to go BIG at the Tea Hut today but surprisingly found the catering unit unattended without signs of life (the unit is a room in a corner of the clubhouse). This was 10 minutes before kick off and it was still as dormant at half time? Strange. 

Some faceless official from the club later put a nasty post on Twitter more or less calling me a liar for saying it was shut. They reckoned a lady was in there all the time. Weird. Either she had a nervous disposition and was hiding behind the cooker or she'd got so bored she decided to trundle off home to watch a repeat of Poldark. Perhaps they like having cheap digs at people who tell it like it is.

Wadebridge have a Main Stand which looks like something off that 'Grand Designs' TV programme that features quirky buildings. There are 3 rows of plastic bucket seats which should offer a great view from the height they're positioned at, the snag is the steel railings to stop you falling onto the pitch, the railings somewhat spoil a clear view of the football below. Today there was me and half a dozen other folk in the seats. Seems the club provide game time entertainment in the stand to keep you awake, today we had noisy unsupervised under 8's children running amongst the seats relentlessly banging the chairs. Made a terribly noisy racket which was totally ignored by the people in charge. Not a parent in sight. Bit concerning safety wise bearing in mind the height of the stand should the kids start climbing the rail protecting people from the significant drop to the pitch?

The other stand at the ground is at the Gordon Ramsey End, that's the direction his multi million pound small village (home) is located. The stand is named after Ron Williams who built the original structure at Bodieve Park (quite refreshing Ron wasn't a celebrity chef or some incompetent politician that's co-ordinated our Broken Britain status).

There is plenty of grass banking around the rest of the ground which provides excellent views of the pitch.

The Match
Red of Wadebridge against the blue of Liskeard, another classic kit profile.

A frenetic and enthusiastically contested encounter throughout.

Wadebridge styled a robust long ball method of play whilst Liskeard stuck with a passing game.

The home side snatched a 10th minute lead before Liskeard struck back on the half hour. To be honest the game strategy objectives set out by optimistic coaching staff had visibly gone 'off-road' by half time. This could be verified by the howling emitting from the dugouts beside the halfway line.

Perhaps the difference between the sides was the finishing power of Liskeards highly talented striker James Lorenz. He rifled home goals in the 55th and 70th minute to basically cut Wadebridge adrift from the match. 

Wadebridge got a goal late on and at 2-3 Liskeard had a dicey few minutes before the final whistle but they survived to go 4th in what looks to be a highly competitive league table.

Anyone looking for a good game to watch next Saturday should pencil in the FA Vase Cup Tie where SWPL East big guns Bovey Tracey take on this vibrant young Liskeard side. Certainly looks like being a real East meets West face off for sure.

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