Where's The Tea Hut reflects upon local football South West style with a few trips further afield. Keep the faith & stay safe.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Bring it on baby, the probability of a 2020/21 football season has emerged

Whenever non league football returns to the South West 'Where's The Tea Hut' will be there.

Rumours abound when the games will start with most experts in the know plumping for September. There is even talk of a few friendly matches being organised for August, this may even extend to local league cup semi finals carried over from last season? Nothing is official yet but things seem a lot more promising than just a few weeks ago.

I'll be trying to visit some of the grounds I have yet to tick off down here, the main focus will be upon Cornwall and Devon but a few further afield destinations will be on the schedule too. A selection of old favourites will also get a trip.

All of these hopes rest upon further progress in reducing the risks associated with Covid 19. Watching football is great but everyone's health and safety is a far higher priority and must continue to be totally respected. 

Further updates will appear on the Tea Hut in due course.

In the interim please allow me to post a few pictures from the archive of what I feel typifies the wonderful world of non league football, it's more than just a game you know. It's been sadly missed for sure. 

A number of the locations below may be familiar to some of you, be surprised if anyone gets them all though? I'll start you off with the first one. The 'Pies' picture was taken at a very wet Colne ground when their game against Maine Road was postponed due to a waterlogged pitch 30 minutes before kick off. Owd Ned hobbling along the side of the puddles in the car park said the Referee didn't fancy it because he'd had his hair done that morning? Ned headed off to the betting shop cursing to himself.