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Thursday, 19 August 2021

Cornwall Covid Case Crisis!

Some of you will already know of the rocketing Covid infections in Cornwall following the Boardmasters Music Festival at Watergate Bay, Newquay.

Cornwall has gone from the safest place in the UK to the most dangerous.

Doubtless, the situation has been made far worse by the insane Tourist Binge in the South West. 

For a County that only has a single functioning hospital, ridiculously minimal GP services and hardly what you'd classify a visible Police Force to keep any kind of order, the situation at the moment is extremely worrying. 

It appears the vast majority of the thousands of holidaymakers and party animals are in tunnel vision denial that the UK is still struggling with a dangerous pandemic. Apparently, they seem to be of the opinion that Mr Johnson has opened everything up because the virus has gone away?

There are numerous first hand accounts on social media of people who attended the supposedly safe Boardmasters event last weekend dropping like flies with virus infections. It is thought they have in turn taken Covid back to their home location post codes and hey-presto things have got dramatically out of control.

There are already football matches being postponed because actual players have come down with the virus (evidently some of them attended the festival).

I am saddened to announce that 'Where's The Tea Hut' visits will be put on hold until further notice, it is simply not safe to attend events until some degree of control has been re-established in the South West, especially chaotic Cornwall.

Part of the reasoning for this decision is that there has been a massive push from the hospitality trade to get people down to Cornwall, sadly, it is clear little or zero planning took place with the so called Authorities to safely cater for the sheer number of tourists. What the holidaymakers have been able to get up to is another matter but it does appear they are allowed to do as they please and to hell with the repercussions. They genuinely believe that because they are on holiday they don't need to bother with any kind of Covid precautions.

I and many other people who live here hope the current situation improves sooner rather than later.

Stay safe out there, it doesn't matter if you're double jabbed, plenty have still got the virus after convincing themselves it had been defeated. Look after yourselves and respect precautions for the benefit of others. 

Krugg 19.8.21

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