Message from Uwdi: Where's The Tea Hut has been handed over to Russell Beard who'll look after the blog until further notice. See update post below

Wednesday, 3 May 2023

Where's The Tea Hut Blog Update

Krugg here.

For reasons beyond my control I am currently unable to get to games. This makes The Tea Hut a little bit of a non starter for the time being.

I have asked my sadly departed pal, Frugal Glenns brother, Russell to look after the blog until I am able to return.

Things may change in time for next season 2023/24. I would like to think The Tea Hut could once again be back up and running. 

Until then, Russell (who's more of a cricket fan really) will be my chosen custodian to keep the blog files and previous match/visit reports available. He's added his profile for any Tea Hut correspondence, which will then be forwarded to me.

I shall look forward to updating you accordingly in the near future.

Stay safe everybody.

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